January 2019 – July 2019


“Le Baiser” (the kiss), a 1924 work by Frans Masereel, stands symbolically for the peaceful coexistence of human beings and peoples. As early as the First World War, Frans Masereel, born in Blankenberghe in 1889, had become a committed European and pacifist who always emphasized “that the artist must not be indifferent to the social question.” […] Asked about his sense of belonging in a 1964 interview, Frans Masereel’s response was: “Europe! A Europe that stands together, that does not simply talk about peace but does everything in its power to bring about and preserve genuine peace.“ These reflections inspired the project “Kiss for Europe” – a bridge and a kiss as symbols of community, of living together in peace. On display in a large format (ca. 35m x 25m) on the facade of the Neumarkt 15 office building in the centre of Saarbruecken, Germany, between January and June 2019, Masereel’s 1924 woodcut “The Kiss” now stands for peace and solidarity between each other among the world’s peoples.  During and after this period, we are seeking for additional locations across (and beyond) Europe to spread this message of peaceful coexistence.

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